Question - Account Creation mode

Nov 27, 2008 at 8:52 PM
I try to make sharepoint hosting, but I have problems with some things. I try to explain.
First of all, I think I can make sharepoint hosting through Forms Autentification. But when almost everythink was done, I find out, that integration with Office doesn't work in Win Vista and Win 2008.
I have special http module for this situation, but it works only on win xp and win 2003 probably.

Domain authentification provider is the same like Forms on vista and win 2008.

And finally I tried Account Creation mode.
It seems that it workws, but problem is, when  I have for example 2 web application. And somebody create user on the first web site and then of course I can find this user on the second web application.
I think it takes sense that it is possible, but is any way how can I solve it? or no?

Thank you very much for answer.