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Welcome to the SharePoint for Hosters community site.

This workspace is designed to foster sharing of collateral that is needed to create shared hosting offers on SharePoint (WSS-v3). We will be seeding the workspace with initial collateral such as web services and http modules to address product gaps; and a starter kit that describes how a hoster can create compelling business applications using the application templates.

Solution Kit Application

As seen at the Microsoft Hosting Summit, the Solution Kit is available as an installable package that can be configured with WSS V3. It leverages a number of custom components that were built for WSS V3.
  • SQL Forms Based authentication
  • Custom SharePoint Web Services
  • Custom SharePoint Web Parts
  • HTTP Module for URL redirection

Note: This is not a Hosting Solution such as, Hosting Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) or Windows-Based Hosting (WBH). This is a toolkit that automates the packaging and provisioning of application templates built on WSS core functionality. Given the fact that it is not a substitute to the Hosting Solutions that include WSS as a coomponent - i.e. WBH and HMC. It could, however, be integrated with one of them.

The SolutionKit is composed of two integrated applications. The first is the Solution Configurator (shown below) which is a tool that a Hoster would use to configure solutions based on templates.


The second is the StarterKit which a Hoster's end-customer would use to build a site based on solutions that were created though the Solution Configurator.


The SolutionKit provisions WSS sites and subsites based on the selected solution. The Site owner is also provisioned at the time the top level site is created. Users are stored in a SQL Server database, and forms authentication is implemented to log into the site.

Getting Started

Once you've read the system requirements, download the installation document and .msi file to deploy the solution kit.

Watch the introductory video: SolutionkitDemo.wmv

System Requirements
Component Description
SolutionKit Install Document


White paper: Create shared hosting solutions on Windows SharePoint Services

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